From manifold to complete system

Next to motorcycling racing Samba Racing also has broad experience in making exhaust systems for international 4-wheel motorsports. It may not come as a surprise that in general an exhaust system for a car is something completely different from a motorcycle exhaust system.
A difference in engine character, vehicle design and a different kind of material pressure make it almost another product. It is further possible to assemble certain components or a complete system including manifolds and end silencers.

From Jaguar E-type to superkarts

Its experience with racing cars owes Samba Racing to working with BMW 3 series models of the WTCC, the Spyker C8 that has competed in the FIA GT and LeMans series, Porsches and (super)karts. Next to this Samba Racing works and has worked for customers with exclusive and/or historical models such as Jaguar E-types, and Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s. However also for street types such as Audi or Mercedes-Benz models Samba Racing is the address to turn to.

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