About Samba Racing

Samba Racing is specialised in manufacturing handcrafted exhaust systems made out of titanium, steel, and stainless steel for professional motorsports. Next to manufacturing prototypes Samba Racing also produces small series for the consumermarket. The focus of Samba Racing lies in manufacturing high quality exhaust systems that extract the full engine potential so that its customers will enjoy a maximization of their performance level.

The philosophy that Samba Racing follows and that is forged into the DNA of every exhaust system is characterized by modesty, respect for the product and being goal-oriented. Besides this it is the Dutch mentality that inspires Samba Racing to keep both feet on the ground.

What does Samba Racing stand for?

20+ years of experience among the best of international motorsports has brought Samba Racing a reputation that stands for performance, quality and exclusivity. The successes to which Samba Racing had has the pleasure to contribute are the proof of this guarantees.

In all this time Samba Racing remained a small company in order to keep the level of flexibility that is neccessary to celebrate success in motorsports, and to make sure it can still adjust all the products to the preferences of the client and/or the final application.

We thank you for your interest in Samba Racing and are looking forward to hear from you!