From enthusiasm to profession

The story of Samba Racing begins when Sam Balder as a 17-year old kid gets involved with motorsports via Hans Spaan. Next to having a hobby as chief-mechanic and a job in a bicycle shop, Sam Balder started to make some extra money in the mid/end eighties by making exhausts. This happened in a small workshop behind the house of his mother. After Hans Spaan has missed out on the 125cc world title in ‘90. Sam Balder decided it was time to pull back from racing and to start working full time on the development and production of exhaust systems. This marked the beginning of Samba Racing and eventually led Sam Balder in 1994 to move into his own workshop.

The road of success

After two years of absence from the racing stage Sam Balder answered a request from Aprilia in ‘92 to make a set of exhausts for the 250cc works machine of Alberto Puig for testing. This resulted in the order to produce exhausts for all the production racers of Aprilia. However it didn’t take long before the exhausts of the works machines were also produced by Samba Racing from Alkmaar. Following this success Samba Racing got more and more requests from clients in motorsports.

Anno 2010 Samba Racing has built up a broad portfolio and developed the knowledge to equip every engine with an exhaust system that is ready to perform.