Different engine types and criteria

As you may well know there are different types of engines that can be used for a variety of purposes. Think for example only about the difference between car and motorcycle engines. An exhausts system plays a crucial role in letting these engines perform to their best. An often used criteria in this respect that determines the design of the exhausts is the balance between performance and durability.

To give you an impression of the products we make for different purposes we divided our assortment over 6 categories. However de possibilities are endless and dependent on each situation.

Always the best solution

Whatever the criteria may be or whatever engine type it concerns, Samba Racing adapts the characteristics of every single product to your preferences and/or the final purpose.

Samba Racing products are mainly prototype based and intended for customers in professional motorsports. The products that are produced for the consumer markets are usually part of small series. All products that leave the workshop are handcrafted and made of titanium, steel or stainless steel.

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